Based in Beijing, Microfun, Inc. has been making fun, cute, and family-friendly casual games since 2008. We base our games and our company culture on three pillars: Excellence, Growth, Fun. By putting these values at the forefront of our games, we have created a globally successful brand.

Some of our games include Fashion Life, Super Model, Dreamy Spirit Valley, Dreamy Cake Shop, Frozen: Free Fall, and Jellipop Match. Several of these games have been among the top-rated in China.

Our most popular game, Jellipop Match, has ranked in the top three casual games in China since its release in 2014. By July 2016, the game had reached 10 million DAU. One of our more recent games, Munchkin Match, also received an Apple App Store recommendation in 2017.

December 2018 - Jellipop Match launched big update with the new feature "Match&Open your shop" that players enjoy very much!

August 2018 - August 25th was an important day for Microfun, the parent company of "Jellipop match" and "Munchkin Match", to celebrate its 10th birthday.

July 2018 - The "Munchkin Match" was completely upgraded and the new version was released globally.

It has been upgraded from the match three mode to a new style of "match + simulation", which has higher playability.

May 2017 - Munchkin Match launched in Apple Store, with Android release a few months later

March 2017 - Invested by Sequoia Capital on March, 2017,with valuation of 200M USD

September 2016 - Received approval for NEEQ listing

July 2016 - Jellipop Match reaches 10 million daily active users

December 2015 - Jellipop Match reaches 5 million daily active users

November 2015 - Microfun stock reformation

August 2015 - Microfun received over $44 million in investments from Kingsoft Security, Linekong, Geekbang, and Sapphire Lake Investment.

October 2014 - Jellipop Match released overseas

Through a collaboration with Cheentah Mobile, Jellipop Match was able to be published internationally.

August 2014 - Jellipop Match launched

Microfun's most popular original IP; the game was recommended by the Apple App Store and 360 Mobile Assistant.

January 2014 - Frozen: Free Fall launched

Reaching over 30 million downloads within three months, the game also received recommendations by both the Apple Store and 360 Mobile Assistant.

July 2013 - Fashion Show released

Not only was Fashion Show directly promoted by the Apple Editorial team, it also ranked as #1 for iPhone simulation games. In addition, it ranked #1 and #2 for free iPad apps in China and Taiwan, respectively.

June 2013 - Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. Collaboration

Dreamy Cake Shop was released on Android for the first time.

January 2013 - Second Disney project

Dreamy Cake Shop was ported from a web game to a mobile app and released on the Apple Store. Within two months, the game received 1.6 million downloads and a recommendation from the Apple Store. Eventually, Dreamy Cake Shop was named the #2 free app for iPads as well as made it into the top 10 free iPhone apps.

March 2012 - Official entry to the mobile market

Super Model, an RPG fashion game, was adapted to be a mobile game and launched in the Taiwan Apple Store and quickly became #1 in both the Chinese RPG and simulation categories. Soon after, we partnered with Disney and created Gnome Town, a competitive adventure game. Later in the year, Super Model was given an English translation and released in more regions. The Apple Store recommended it in multiple areas.

November 2009 - Shift to social media games

The company's first game, Fashion Life, was launched on over 10 different websites worldwide, and the player count soon reached 10 million. A collaboration with Disney, Dreamy Cake Shop, reached #5 in Tencent Zone's top games, and when it was published to Facebook in Taiwan and the Mixi platform in Japan, it became the most popular game on those websites. Super Model, Microfun's third game, was named "Girls' Favorite" by Tencent Zone.

August 2008 - Founded

Microfun was founded in Beijing and focused on social platforming apps in its early days. Multiple apps were launched on the RenRen Network, such as Read Well, Recite Words, and Lucky Cubid. Each one ranked as the #1 app in their respective categories.